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“Your Neighbor Went to War”

MAJ Diggs Brown (ret) U.S. Army Special Forces


As a keynote speaker for your corporation, association or institution, Major Diggs Brown (ret.) will energize your audience in an entertaining and charismatic way. His unique ability to tell a story, injecting it with humor and wisdom, will engage and hold the attention of any audience.


Diggs Brown is your neighbor.  He is the guy you see mowing the lawn on Saturday morning, riding his motorcycle through the Rocky Mountains or working as a volunteer at one of the many non-profits he serves.  He also served as a major in the United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets) during Operation Enduring Freedom.


Currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado, Diggs served in Afghanistan and on the African Continent as part of the Global War on Terrorism.  Major Brown, or CPT Diggs as he is referred to in his emails home from Afghanistan, spent one year on active duty at the initial phase of the war.  His focus was training the new Afghan Army and conducting operations against the Taliban and al Qeada terrorist organizations.  In his spare time Diggs, along with Chaplain Andy, taught English to Afghan students in a bombed out village near their compound.  One of the results of Diggs' emails home describing the impoverished conditions of the school, literally thousands of pounds of school supplies were sent to his location from everyday citizens of America.


The efforts of Major Diggs and Chaplain Andy were instrumental in the rebuilding and re-establishing of the school.  Not only were supplies furnished, but eventually the entire school was rebuilt.  Major Diggs would tell you this is "winning the hearts and minds;" this is how wars are won.


MAJ Diggs retells this story with compassion and profundity.  He will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance. 


"Major Diggs Brown has an amazing story to tell your organization, friends, and family!"

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